Will the Major Character return in Season 6 of Fear of The Walking Dead?

The 6th Season of Fear the Walking Dead, which Kim Dickens played, may mark the return of a prominent character from the show’s past.

Will the primary character return?

The Walking Dead Season 6

The return of a significant character from the show’s past can occur when Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead arrives. While the show features a strong ensemble cast, Morgan Jones, a transplant from The Walking Dead, is the show’s main character. However, this was not always the case. If the show tries in advance of the next season to recover some of its earlier mojos, a new teaser suggests a face from the past could return.

No one is more significant than Madison Clark, who departed from Fear the Walking Dead of the main characters. In the first four seasons, the first spinoff was the focus of the show portrayed by Kim Dickens, the former high school guidance advisor. It ended in the fourth season when Madison was revealed to have died in a baseball fire to help her companions escape death. Her death did not come on the screen, but it opened up the chance to return.

It’s not the first time Madison returns from the show. Confusingly, the show also tried to debunk Madison’s idea of returning. Dickens hemmed both ways about the fate of her character for her part. She said publicly that the character can still live but that the character can return to the show. He also expressed doubt. With most of her current post-production projects, Dickens can come back full-time to the show if the story arc requires it.

When will it happen in Fear the Walking Dead?

Fear of the Walking Dead Season 6

Fans may have to tide for a while longer theories and debates surrounding Madison’s future. The teaser states that the program will be held for the 6th season in summer but doesn’t give the show a date specific to the premiere, which will allow the television program to see how the coronavirus pandemic still affects it. When Fear the Walking Dead comes back, it is worth seeing if Madison comes back with it.

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