Why Damon Salvatore The Main Character of The Vampire Diaries?

The display and its story developed drastically over time, while the story seemed to begin as a tale about the unusual connection between Damon Salvatore, his brother Stefan, and his ex-friend Elena, the exhibition, and its story.

Since the series evolves over 8 years, it’s difficult to tell which character really merits the series’ title of the principal character. Elena Gilbert may have argued, Stefan Salvatore may have filed cases, but here are, basically, all the reasons Damon Salvatore is the key figure in the entire Vampire Diaries saga.

1. Because Damon Salvatore was the only Pure Vampire

Damon Salvatore

It seems safe to say that Damon Salvatore is the main character because he was the only straight-up vampire in the series.

Elena, who was a human double-ganger, was the only lead character who was only a vampire, Stefan a Vampire during the entire season, but also a double-ganger.

2. Because of Damon Salvatore And Elena’s Love Story

Damon Salvatore

Elena was in fairness head overhead at the beginning of the show for Stefan. But from the time it became very obvious, Damon Salvatore and Elena found themselves facing a romantic future, and it was that romance that captured the bulk of the TVD’s plot.

The love story of Damon Salvatore and Elena was the longest, the most interesting, and the last end of the season.

3. Because of Brotherhood between Him And Stefan Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is obviously the main character of the show, as when Nina Dobrev left his love story with Elena, his love story took a front seat, which was a consistent story for the whole show within a television series.

4. Because Ian Somerhalder had a huge fanbase

Somerhalder may have started in the front line compared to the remaining TVD cast, but it is fair to assume that his performance stardom him on a level that it didn’t have for the rest of the cast.

Understandably, most actors had a great image boost, but Somerhalder had the most value.

5. Because His Reclaimed Humanity looks like the Point of the Show

Damon Salvatore

The intent of an entire TV series, especially the long-lasting one as The Vampire Diaries, is hard to restrict.

But because the show began and the way it finished, it seems as if Damon is back in the way that he’s lost, a big aspect of the whole story that was told during the show was probably the defining one.

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