When will Raktanchal Season 2 air? Will it release?

Raktanchal Season 2

Among the many Indian Web Series that are emerging, Raktanchal made its name. Its popularity can easily be attributed to its glorious cast members who have a charismatic aura in their roles. The crime series fans took their social media channels to express their anticipation of the next Raktanchal Season 2 with their shot of the episode.

In a way, the show doesn’t make the platter of previous political dramas anything new. It shows the same path that mafioso rivalries lead to bloodbaths. It shows. Bollywood excels in this genre, though, and every series in this category finds its way to get the audience together. In this case, Nikitin Dheer and Kranti Prakash Jha showed their magnificent acting abilities. If nothing else can draw you into the film, these two emerging stars can undoubtedly do the job. You don’t want their job to be missed. Learn more about Raktanchal Sea 2 below by scrolling down.

When will Season 2 come out?

Raktanchal Season 2

Several media companies have released updates on Season 2 renewals. Raktanchal undoubtedly earned the green signal and is about to make its Season 2 debut on MX Player. A definite release date, however, is not available at this time. Our best estimate at the moment is that it will be published sometime in 2021. On MX Player on 28 May 2020, Season 1 of the hit series was unveiled. The mini-web series followed a total of 9 episodes.

What is the storyline?



Raktanchal Season 2Set in the 80s Purvanchal (Uttar Pradesh), the story is based on actual events about Vijay Singh and Waseem Khan’s competition. The series’ brutal and bloodthirsty style shows how crooked government officials help support those criminals. Put all the vices in politics, funds, government, and you get a taste of the blood-filled crime scene, which is essentially Raktanchal. From here, Raktanchal Season 2 is taking up its plot.

Who will be in it?

With their success, the previous season’s cast ignited a fire to take over their roles in Raktanchal Season 2.

  • Waseem Khan, acted by Nikitin Dheer.
  • Kranti Prakash Jha acted Vijay Singh.
  • Roli acted by Soundarya Sharma
  • Seema performed by Ronjini Chakraborty
  • Bechan performed by Chittaranjan Tripathy
  • Tripurari acted by Pramod Pathak
  • Sanki Pandey worked by Vikram Kochhar
  • Katta performed by Krishna Bisht
  • Chhunnu performed by Basu Soni
  • Sadhu Maharaj performed by Rajesh Dubey

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