What will happen in The Darkest Minds 2? When will it come out?

‘The Darkest Minds’ was led by Jenifer Yuh Nelson and is an American dystopian science fiction thriller. The story builds on the young adult novel of the same name by Alexandra Bracken. The basic plot follows a group of young people who have mysteriously received superpowers and run off the government. Although the film has not been critically well-received, it managed to generate a profit of 41,1 million dollars worldwide with a budget of around 30 million dollars. Also, book enthusiasts love it and want more.

What would happen in The Darkest Minds 2?

The Darkest Minds 2

Of course, you must wonder about the sequel of ‘The Darkest Minds.’ Jennifer Yuh Nelson announced that she did not pull punches for the first film and provided the best possible film. Therefore, it is unlikely that the sequel to ‘The Darkest Minds’ will deal with the source of the first book any longer. Indeed, the story will probably be based on the second novel ‘Never Fade.’

If you ask whether Chubs, the comedy relief so much needed in the intense story, is going to come back, then we have answers for it too. Although at the end of ‘The Dark Minds’ he was shot, the film doesn’t show him to die. In ‘Never Fade,’ Chubs will also play an essential role in driving the plot forward, so the following will likely begin to show how Chubs will be saved before moving on to the image of the trap.

When will it come out?

The Darkest Minds 2

On August 3, 2018, “The Darkest Minds.” But in 2014, the film rights were purchased by 20th Century Fox. It took almost four years for this to come together. As ‘Never Fade’ rights were not acquired yet, we can expect a follow-up to ‘The Darkest Minds’ in 2022, or 2023, as early as possible. Of course, casting should not take as long as the first time, as the sequence is expected to bring back some of the cast members.

Who will be in it?

The characters that appear in the sequel are Ruby Daly, Liam Stewart, Clancy Gray, and Chubs. The characters from The Darkest Minds. So Amandla Stenberg, Harris Dickinson, Patrick Gibson, and Skylan Brooks will likely take up their roles.

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