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What was Nichol Kessinger’s case? Did she help put Chris Watt in Jail?

American Murder: The Family Next Door, a documentary about the murders of the Watts family that happened in Frederick, Colorado, in 2018, hit Netflix earlier this week. And the bevy of new evidence about the horrific case, from previously unseen police footage to home videos and social media posts from Shan’ann and Chris Watts, has captivated real crime fanatics. But while Chris admitted to killing his pregnant wife and two children and has since been sentenced to several life sentences, in the form of unanswered questions and unfinished information not covered by the documentary, armchair detectives have plenty to consider.

Who is Nichol Kessinger?

Nichol Kessinger

We will never have conclusive answers to the more subjective issues surrounding the case, such as why Chris did what he did exactly. However, there is still plenty of fresh information about the topic and those interested in uncovering amateur sleuths.

When she met Chris, an operator at the oil and gas exploration firm, Kessinger, a geologist, and Colorado resident, worked in the environmental department at Anadarko Petroleum. They first met in June 2018 and began a relationship in early July, just a month before his wife and two daughters were killed on Aug. 13 by Chris. In Nov. 2018, Kessinger told The Denver Post that she did not know that Chris and Shan’ann were still married; she said he told her that he was divorced and at the end of divorce proceedings.

Was Nichol Kessinger involved in the Investigation?

Nichol Kessinger

Kessinger said she heard from a news article that Chris had been lying to her about his marriage after Shan’ann, 4-year-old Bella, and 3-year-old Celeste were reported missing on Aug. 13. Kessinger told the Post that Chris was too quiet and unemotional about his lost family and “seemed off,” after asking him about his wife and her disappearance through lengthy phone calls and text messages that night and the next day, causing her to contact the local police and FBI to share what she knew.

Where is Kessinger Now?

At Chris’ trial, Kessinger did not testify in court and has not been heard since her interview with The Denver Post in 2018. In interviews with the police, she expressed fears about her name being slandered. She also said would not be surprised if it’s going to be hard to go outside for a few years. We cannot expect to hear from Kessinger any time soon.

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