What happened to Thinning 3? Is it Cancelled?

Do you like watching post-apocalyptic films of the post-apocalyptic world? Then check The Thinning series, which occurs in an increasingly dystopian world, but with limited resources. To control this, the government of Texas has a solution, which reduces the population. Logan Paul and Peyton are the protagonists in the series.

Since the first installation in 2012, audience fans of the film series have become enormous. And now the fans’ third part, The Thinning, is waiting. So all the information about the second part of this film has been written here.

What happened in Part 2 of Thinning?

Thinning 3

The Thinning New World Order premiere took place in 2018 following the release of the first part. Laina Michaels (Peyton List) is chronicled in the presidential campaign as well as her infiltration.

With underprivileged and mock execution Blake Redding (played by Logan Paul) is adapting to his life. Being caught up in an underground secret labor camp, he tries to connect to Laina and find a way out.

Is Thinning 3 canceled?

Thinning 3

The fans saw a considerable delay filming the second part when the first installment was premiered. It was because of the controversy between Logan Paul and YouTube. So they listed Logan blacklisted, and the world also criticized him heavily.

He also lost his precious subscribers, and the dispute also affected the number of people who watched the second movie. It was in a video clip focused on Japan, and the world became opposed to him due to his indecent behavior.

Paul has come a long way, but some people don’t love him after his controversy in 2018. YouTube may not even feel the same about the audience. We, therefore, think that they may not risk The Thinning’s third version soon. And we’re sorry to tell Logan Paul, a Youtube fan who stood by him in evil days, the unfortunate news.

Will it ever happen?

The Thinning Season 3 has not been announced officially, and the chance for the arrival of the third portion of the 2021 film series is meager because of the lack of confirmation.

So today’s everything. The filmmakers didn’t make the final decision, so we’re going to have a small hope. You can stream it in Google Play Movies, Amazone Prime, and YouTube Premium if you want to watch the first two movies again.

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