What Did Justin Bieber reply to Hailey in Instagram?

Justin Bieber recently joke about his sex life on Instagram with his partner, Hailey Baldwin. But with his reply, the model immediately shut him down.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin generated a lot of stir on the Internet after the model shut him down on a sexual plaisance he made on his Instagram account in the comment section of a post.

What did Justin comment?

Justin and Hailey

Recently the singer posted a short video of himself singing his song Lonely in a new version. His mom, Hailey, took to help and cheer him after just Justin posted the video by leaving a message that was innocent! But, after making a joke about their sex life, the pop star quickly converted sexual stuff.

Hailey had said, after listening to the song, said that her jaw??” on the floor. But Justin hadn’t taken much time to make a highly sexual joke. He wrote that her Jaw is other places too lets be honest (sic).

Hailey, however, had no such thing. She quickly shut him down after she was unimpressed by her husband’s joke. “Please go to sleep,” she wrote, “@justinbieber omg. Hailey and Justin both removed from the post later.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were previously very open about their sex lives. The pair had announced famously that before they were married they would not have sex.

What more did Hailey post?

Justin and Hailey

Hailey recently posted a video of herself about Christmas when she was only 12. In the video, you can see the Nutcracker performing. Justin posted the clip and later commended his wife. He said if anyone didn’t know how cute his wife was already they will know after watching her tiny self in the nutcracker. My heart can’t take it (sic).

Bieber showered his wife with vacation cheer and love in a series of fresh photos showing both on the beach prior to the weekend’s steamy exchange.

He wrote, What a way to spend Christmas night with the absolute love of his whole existence. Also wrote, Obsessed with hee so much it actually hurts lol.

my very own christmas love posted Baldwin’s holiday message.

In a private ceremony attended by friends and family Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber married in 2019.

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