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The Red Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse prevailing on 26 May!

After a time span of nearly two and a half years, the total lunar eclipse is going to appear on May 26, 2021. Notably, the lunar eclipse occurs within hours of the closest perigee of the year. Thus, the Moon appears about 7 percent larger than its average size.

Basically, the total phase will be visible near moonset in the western United States, Canada, entire Mexico, most of Central America, western Peru, and southern Chile and Argentina. However, the aggregate will happen after the moonrise along the Asian Pacific Rim. The eclipse can be seen in its totality in eastern Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, and also Hawaii.

Time Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 11:18:40 UTC
Eclipse 100.0%
Diameter 2005.0 arcseconds
Total Distance 357463 km (28.02 Earth diameters)

J2000 Right Ascension


16h 13m 23s,

20° 41′ 04″S

Sub-lunar Latitude




On the earth’s surface, if noticed, the sub-lunar point is the exact spot, at which the Moon is directly overhead. In addition, it sets to be the center of the hemisphere of the Earth, where the eclipse appears. Thus, the more near a person to that location, the higher the Moon will be in your sky. The eclipse percentage in reference to the fraction of the Moon covered by the Earth’s umbra. This is the portion of the Moon’s shadow, which is completely blocked by the sun. The part of the shadow in which the Sun is only partially blocked is called the penumbra.

The exposure setting of the virtual camera changes around totality in order to capture the wide dynamic range of the eclipse. All the phases of the lunar eclipse are just totally safe to be viewed. The eclipse can be observed with both, the naked eyes and an unfiltered telescope too. But during totality, our eyes adjust and reveal a range of hues painted on the Moon by all of Earth’s sunrises and sunsets.


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