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The most reliable covid-19 vaccine!

Recently, Novavax, one of the vaccine developers introduced their shots to curb the Covid-19 virus. But, this Company never introduced their vaccine to the market. Thus, this product entered the clinical trials too late. However, the hopes are increasing that a Covid-19 vaccine developed by not so popular U.S. drugmaker can shore up supplies in the U.S. and globally as safety concerns. Also, the production-related issues shadow shots from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. But the Novavax vaccine stood up to prove just as potent as those mRNA shots in a U.K. trial. Thus,  the company is now preparing to file for U.S. authorization in a matter of weeks — potentially leapfrogging AstraZeneca, a former frontrunner.

A global health law professor at Georgetown University, Lawrence Gostin stated, “I do think it’s going to play a larger role”. Further, he added saying, “In the short to medium term, at least, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has taken a reputational hit and people are more hesitant to take it. In addition, J&J has had major production problems at its Baltimore plant. And as a result, I think Novavax is going to be a reasonably significant player.”

The next few months will determine whether Novavax can overcome the Covid-19 virus infections and also can it deliver on those increasingly high expectations. The company has listed the production partners globally after struggling to excavate together the tens of thousands of doses needed for its clinical trials. Thus, the hired factories are still getting up to speed with Novavax’s vaccine technology. Notably, this technology requires the moth cells to brew batches of the coronavirus spike protein. In non-pandemic times, such retrofitting can take years. So, the company aims to pump out 150 million doses a month by the second half of the year.

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