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The amazing two tricks for walking effectively!

With all the researches done, it has always been clarified that walking is the best way to improve the blood circulation into the body. In addition, it works well to keep the body fit and healthy. Thus, the effective way to feel good and burn few extra calories everyday in a right way is walking. Walking is a wonderful low-impact and moderate-intensity exercise activity that comes with a range of benefits to your body.

However, if there is any drawback of walking for fitness, it is that it turns repetitive, little bit state and more quickly. But you may rectify this by mixing into your walks a bunch of really great tips and secret tricks that can elevate the overall experience of walking. Thus, making it not only more productive but also more enjoyable.

Go for interval walks!

Regular walking or “steady-state” walking can be repetitive, especially when a person is constantly covering the same routes. The only single way to keep the walks fresh and burn a lot more fat in the process is to incorporate interval walks into your routine. Interval walking is a form of high-intensity interval training that requires you to vary the pace of your walks by working in shorter bursts of really intense walking. Tom Holland, an exercise physiologist and author says, “By varying the speed of your walk, especially adding in some faster pace interval work, you will raise your heart rate and increase your caloric expenditure, helping you lose more weight over time.”

Work hard and find your heart rate!

If you do internal walks then make sure any form of fitness walking which help you to enhance the pace make it crucial to get your heart rate up to optimal zone to maximize the fitness gains. Timothy Lyman, the director of training programs for Fleet Feet says, “Interval walking will provide a better calorie burn than steady-state, or casual, walking because it will elevate the heart rate into the proper zone.”

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