T Rex skeleton fetches $31.8 million in auction

A T Rex fossil discovered by Stan Sacrison, paleontologist, in 1987 has been making headlines for being sold at a record whopping of $31.8 million. It was sold by Christie’s auction house and the bidder hasn’t been identified.

Earlier a full fossil skeleton of a T Rex had been sold in 1992 by Sotheby’s. Considering the rarity of full skeleton discoveries of T Rex, only a few have been bumped into and studied. These are then auctioned and sold to the highest bidders.

The skeleton was nicknamed ‘Stan’ after its founder and was noticed because of its full structured discovery. Big names like Disney and McDonalds had also eyed the prehistoric beauty and had their biddings.

Estimating to be sold at a far less price than what it actually fetched, officials informed they were shocked at the telephonic auction when biddings started topping with such compulsion.

Discovered in South Dakota, Stan was first mistaken for a different species of dinosaur. However, the full discovery led to the realization of the beautiful T Rex masterpiece.

A lot of other dinosaur specimens and fossils have been discovered in and around the area that covers Wyoming, Montana, and more.

Stan was heavily researched, before being sold at the auction.

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