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Severe Covid-19 can lead to long- term effects!

Recently, a study published on Thursday in Nature, mentioned that the severe Covid-19 infection can lead to long-lasting side- effects. Though, the potential effects of COVID-19 infection are innumerable. Ziyad- Al Aly along with his workmates worked on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs information and worked on finding the desired health outcomes. Basically, this examination was on the data of more than 73,000 people who were reported to have COVID-19 but were not hospitalized. Hence, the comparison was made amongst them and the other 5 million users of the VA health system. However, these 5 million people were found to be  COVID-19 negative and were not hospitalized.

Later, after six months, it was found that the ones with the covid-19 infection are at high risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and mental health disorders as well. This mainly involves anxiety and depression, substance use disorders, kidney disease, and other problems. The chief of research and development service at the VA St. Louis Health Care System, Al-Aly said that it was shocking to see that the toll of long COVID is so substantial and multifaceted. He said, “We knew people have fatigue, we knew people have weakness, we knew about the memory problems or brain fog. But when you put it all together, diabetes and heart problems and kidney problems and liver problems and stroke and brain fog and fatigue and anemia and depression and anxiety — and it’s actually quite jarring.”

Thus, it remains tough to find that whether the effects are direct outcomes of the viral infection itself or are indirect. Also, few consequences can be the results of eruption aroused by the virus. Further, the other consequences can be linked to the life changes that might supplement the disease. Al-Aly said, “When people get COVID and they have to self-isolate and stay at home in quarantine, maybe that is associated with less physical activity, changes in diet, other changes that might also bring about some of those clinical manifestations.”

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