Oil and gas companies are a significant contributor to climate change!

climate change

In 2020, when Joe Biden campaigned for president, he made an environmental plan that included achieving 100% clean energy in the US by 2050. The goal was ambitious, but details were not proper on how to get it done. Most recently, Joe pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030. But how to achieve this, the details are not precise. The goal laid out by politicians in campaign promises is not up to the mark of what is needed to prevent the climate crisis.

Joe and the Democrats can be blamed for their conflicting and inconsistent priorities; the issue’s base lies not with politicians. But with people who care about combating global warming. People should no longer ask for an abstract goal or rely on the slow machine of electoralism. People must demand radical action the complete abolition of the oil and gas industry.

People already know that the time for action on climate is past due. It is too late to prevent many of the effects of climate change even if oil and gas production is stopped. Over the last few years, public concern about climate change has grown steadily.  In most developed countries the majority of people say they would be willing to take action to prevent climate change.

In 2020, presidential debates climate was not a central feature, and the broadcast media rarely covers climate. Politicians are seldom pressured to take the drastic measures necessary to tackle the crisis. How to tackle climate change? Americans do not have a good goal. The actual progress on climate change will happen only when people have set a real target to achieve in terms of climate change.

There is no reasonable solution to a global crisis. Fossil fuel combustion accounts for the vast majority of the US carbon emission. Eliminating these emissions by replacing the power grid with 100% clean energy is feasible and will help get net zero. Often people talk about global warming but think that it is very complex to solve. For this, oil and gas companies are primarily to blame. But as long as oil and gas companies are making a profit by extracting there will be no reason for them to stop. So the ability of oil and gas to earn profit from extracting should be eliminated.

Politicians never declare anything a crisis, and immediate action has to be taken until people fore them to do so. Having a concrete goal with a definite target is the only way to move a pro-environment agenda forward. As of now, there is no proper objective when it comes to climate change. But for so many other things, an adequate aim is there. Even the significant publications are platforming what once seemed like radical solutions to stopping oil and gas production and consumption.

Many groups have already gotten into action to push for massive, systemic change in the climate. For example, 1.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were blocked by indigenous rights movements. They did protest campaigns, blocked pipelines, and did other actions. Without ending the extraction of fossil fuels, climate change cannot be completed. Now the primary purpose should be stopping the extraction of fossil fuels.

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