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New Google Workspace icons rolled out

Google Workspace was announced at the outset of October as a rebranding of G Suite and modified plans to office-less productivity. As a fraction of these revisions, all Google Workspace applications are finding out brand new icons, with the rollout shortly underway.

Google Currents

From mid-October to late November, Google rolled out 11 brand new Workspace icons on Android, iOS, and website as an aspect of the G Suite rebranding. It is for corporations enormous productivity applications but, now two are shut. 

Google Currents is an outlet ( previously the Google+ application) that enables corporations to host internal social systems for workers. While it was revealed in 2019, the Currents logo already fitted the recent Workspace design trend and, it was out of the preliminary rebranding late last year. In August, Google initiated an updated image that dwindled the length of the waveform. The design of a darker color of blue was also into a diamond region where the lines intersect.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks today was revised on both Android and iOS, as nicely as on the web on some aids. Rather than a conceptual fleck and pill shaping a checkmark, the recent icon is much more straightforward. Like the other auxiliary Workspace applications, this brand is now completely blue.

Google Admin

The very last icon starred in the screen picture has rolled out. Google Admin reinstates its initial Material Design gear ( green) and silver twist with a blue hexagon. Like the different, more consumer-facing icons, darker hues are utilized to exemplify overlap. This application enables Workspace admins to “ manage [a] Google Cloud account on the move.” It includes putting/managing users and associations and reaching support regarding audit logs and reviewing announcements.

Google Voice

Identical to Chat and Meet, Google Voice eliminates the dark green memo bubble setting. The icon is presently a landline phone with an alarm arising from it. Two shades of green are for an extra contemporary icon. Like, Keep, the brand new Voice icon made its initial impression on the web before arriving on Android. This action is not technically a fraction of Google Workspace, but it is the final consumer app to detect its category refresh.  Version 2020.46 also initiates a new status bar icon for scripts where a statement is in a white, rounded enclosure. It is so bold that people will not misunderstand it for the RCS Messages client. 

Google Keep

The Keep icon has existed carried in line with Google’s other productivity/editing apps. Rather than a rounded quadrangle, the light bulb — which is presently thick — is positioned on a layer of the sheet. Just like Docs/Sheets/Slides, the narrowly darker crease is in the top-right nook.

After rolling out to, the fresh “Keep Notes” icon is accessible on iOS and Android (edition 5.20.441.01.40). Both mobile outlets notice the yellow rectangle exhibited against a white setting and require a splash web.

Google Calendar

The calendar gets an identical therapy to the newer Gmail icon by lowering the body challenge it was recently designed after. It is presently a square with the bottom-right corner creased. Blue is the primary color, while “31” is in the middle.

Rendition 2020.42 of Google Calendar for Android is coming out with a fresh logo. The time at the center, however, refreshes every day. While the recent icon does not happen — recoup for the splash screen — anywhere else in the application. The status bar icon is practically the digit “31” in a quadrangle. An update brought this brand new to iOS last weekend, and it is presently carving its way via the Play Store. Meanwhile, the site has also been revamped, with the newer icon initially emerging in the Google Workspace sideboard of various applications.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

The icons for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as Sites and Forms, are intact. That announced, the earmark in the top-right intersection is now darker. Internally, Google has streamlined in several means, including one smaller layer of text/row and narrower glyphs.

On Android, there is a massive modification that detects the simple page pattern being placed against a white setting. The applications formerly utilized full-width launcher icons. So far, Google Docs and Sheets have approved the fresh layout with version 1.20.422.01, with Slides enrolling a few days after.

Google Meet

The Meet icon is very extensively in line with Gmail and Drive in that it’s shaped by the four Google colors. Green here is the powerful shade — in another node to transmissions and traditional Hangouts, while there’s barely a little bit of red. Google Meet is also coming out now on Android with version 2020.10.04.337166131. The earlier icon was outstanding for retaining a fold.

Google Chat

Chat is receiving a fresh horizontal logo but is completely green in reverence to Hangouts. The internal ‘@’ symbol has been eliminated, while the circular statement icon is presently rectangular and intersects with a rectangle. Google Chat is second on the docket with edition 2020.10.04.336992968 for Android. This is not finally widely rolled out and stars an enormous status bar icon that’s extra glanceable.


Simply like Maps and Photos before this year, Gmail is approving an icon that leverages the four Google hues of blue, red, yellow, and green to shape an “M.” Red however has the substantials stake, but it arrives as Google walks away from accent colors in its applications.

All preceding Gmail icons distinctly star an envelope. It’s forthwith only indicated, with Google leveraging the whitespace above and below the central caret/chevron to shape an envelope. All contemporary smartphone icons are going to be positioned against a white background nonetheless.

 Version 2020.10.04.337159408 of Gmail for Android is starting to roll out today onwards with the fresh icon. Moreover the home screen, it’s not noticeable anywhere else in the application, which was also the case before provided the lack of a splash network. That told the status bar icon is presently a sketch of Gmail’s logo. The revised branding is also preparing its way to the web customer for some users but is not yet widely noticeable.

Google Drive

The drive is fairly intact, but the triangle gets narrowly rounded rims. There is also a very modest splash of red after the icon formerly only had three colors. It’s the most secondary modification but comes out being one of the most wonderful.

 Google Drive is the main application to see its fresh Workspace icon become accessible for end-users. On Android, it’s rolling out with edition 2.20.401.06.40 via the Play Store, though the listing has yet to be revised. The recent icon is apparent on the home screen icon and splash wall. The following transition watches Google revamp the icon that occurs in the Android status bar. It gives the Material Theme treatment and is now barely a concave sketch. The recent Drive icon is also happening in the web application. This is a simple alternative in the top-left nook and to the favicon. The icon in the web application launcher is also the former variant.

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