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More Sunlight Exposure may reduce the risks of deaths due to Covid-19!

Recently, the researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland stated that increased exposure to the Sun’s rays, specifically UVA, can lead to the reduction in the death risks due to COVID-19. Certainly, it was founded that the hot and sunny regions are correlated with the lesser deaths due to this fatal virus. This is to say, the Ultraviolet UVA rays contribute to develop the 95 percent of the Sun’s UV light. Thus, these rays can can easily penetrate more deeper into the skin.

The research says that the people residing in the high UVA rays areas are at poor risk of the death from Covid-19. The report was published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

Moreover, this analysis is being recapitulated in England and Italy with the same results. Apparently, the reduced risk in Covid deaths can be elaborated by higher exposure to Vitamin D. It was also founded in the lab studies that the nitric oxide released by our skin is likely to reduce the ability of SARS CoV2.

In addition, the other previous studies have confirmed a connection between increased sunlight exposure and improved cardiovascular health. Thus, this includes the low blood pressure and reduced chances of heart attacks. Certainly, the heart disease being a familiar risk factor for deaths by corona virus, explains the latest findings. However, with the observing nature of the research, it is not easy to set the cause and effect. Although, this would lead to the interferences that could be tested as potential treatments, the researchers elaborated.

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