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Is Avatar: The Last Airbender Getting Expansions in Series And Films?

The Last Airbender content spans the animated films and series set up in the franchise’s world. Nickelodeon announced last week the launch of Avatar Studios, a department designed to create the original Avatar. The studio’s first project is an animated theatrical film that will start production later this year, led by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, original artists of the production.

The network president Brian Robbins took a little step beyond the first feature announced on the ViacomCBS Streaming Event presentation in an interview with the Deadline, based on the Nickelodeon presentation at the start of the presentation.

What are they developing?

Avatar The Last Airbender

We are developing and exploring what we call the whole world of Avatar Airbender, he said. Mike and Bryan are working hard, and I believe that the universe will definitely encompass a theatrical film, animation, several TV series, and probably several films. In the early stages of creative development, we will be prepared to tell this world what comes first. However, we are still not here.

The new series will be joined by Nickelodeon’s 2005 Avatar, two existing Avatar animated series, The Last Airbender and the Korra legend streamed through Netflix and reached new generation fans.

The latest Airbender series comes in, made without the participation of DiMartino and Konietzko. Avatar has the new Avatar live-action.

Before Robbins joined Nickelodeon, the deal was made. He suggested that most Avatar Studios projects are expected to remain within the ViacomCBS ecosystem, with Paramount+ & Nickelodeon and the main destinations. (The studio is also designed to provide platforms for third parties and to create theatrical films.)

What did they say about a new series?

Avatar The Last Airbender

Today, he said, we look forward to filling our own platforms. For different reasons, we will strategically authorize contexts in other places but mainly focus on filling out our own platforms from linear TV.

Avatar: A three-season airborne Last Airbender followed the adventures of Aang and his friends who were to save the globe, defeating Ozai and ending a destructive war with the Fire Nation. The Last Airbender was burning. Korra legend began in 2012 and lasted four seasons on Nickelodeon.

This property was then translated into a continuous graphical novel series by co-creator DiMartino of the TV series and a live-action film by Dev Patel, directed by M Night Shyamalan.

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