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Human skin plays multiple roles but is also filled with lots of myths!


Human skin plays multiple roles. For example, it also helps to stay warm when it is cold and cool down when it is hot. The skin provides a home for sensory neurons, which let a person sense the world around them. The skin is also the most visible organ. It has also become a target organ for a wide range of products because it is so visible. Public dermatological perceptions are a mixed bag of myths and misunderstandings despite high visibility and multiple physiological roles.

The common myths about skin –

The skin cream industry is enormous. No skin cream can protect skin against aging despite its popularity and regardless of cost. Whatever they claim is just a marketing strategy. Simple moisturizers can achieve quite a lot. Photoaging effects can be improved by creams containing topical retinoids. But it is also a fact that no cream can keep a person young forever. Photodamage causes 90% of skin aging. To slow the process, the best thing to use is sunscreen with a broadband UV cover.

Drinking water keeps skin hydrated, and this is half the truth. Drinking water keeps the skin hydrated because water keeps the body hydrated, and the skin is the largest organ of the body. There is no proof that drinking water directly affects the skin unless extreme heat stroke or severe dehydration.

It is said that antibacterial soap is best for the skin, but this is a myth. The skin is a natural microbiome that is vital for maintaining healthy skin. Natural balance can be upset using such soaps and also be harsher on the skin. Removing excellent and harmful bacteria regularly is not a good idea unless a person is in a situation where it is essential.

Acne is caused by a dirty face and also by chocolate. Dirt is contaminated with an oily substance, and standard dirt will not produce acne. The skin microbiome differs in people with acne compared to those who don’t have acne. There is no scientific proof that chocolate causes acne.

All sun exposure is harmful to the skin. Some degree is caused by sun exposure, but sun exposure is essential for boosting vitamin D synthesis. The sun is a significant source of vitamin D, necessary for bone health and may play a role in the immune system. Anti-inflammatory properties can be found from UV exposure that can be beneficial in some skin conditions. With the risk of skin cancer, these benefits should be counterbalanced, directly related to UV exposure. One must use high-factor sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing.

A spray tan protects against UV rays. Sun damage cannot be protected by a spray tan unless it contains added UV protectants. Spraying color into the skin doesn’t protect against UV rays and should not be used as an alternative to sunscreen. Scars can be get rid of by Vitamin E. Many scientists over the years have investigated whether the appearance of scars is reduced by vitamin E. But they have found it does not help in removing scars. 




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