How reliable is Simpson prediction? How does it predict future?

It is well known in the world of Simpson that it can predict the future without utmost precision and accuracy. From Greta Thunberg’s speech at United Nations to Donald Trump becoming The US president, people have become obsessed with finding moments from The Simpsons. On recent news, there was one episode that even predicted US President Donald Trump turning COVID positive. How far is it correct? let’s learn it.


In a recent report, it has been claimed that the show predicted a plant-based world. Creator Matt Groening could be alleged of sorcery by transversing the decades in a time travel machine, but he has used these visible eyes to show us fashions of change and evolution. Research has called these predictions as cases of life imitating art only but that has too much of a good thing and has lead to people claiming that the show has predicted everything from the deaths of celebrities like Prince and David Bowie to the coronavirus pandemic.


The show has been first described through the character Lisa. The episode opened up with a guest visit from Paul and Linda McCartney, back in 1995. Sir Paul is the founder of Meatless Mondays, which he started in England as No Meat Mondays when her beloved wife Linda died of breast cancer. He appeared with his two daughters Stella and Mary to honor their late wife and mom.


The Simpson visit from Paul and Linda, the two dedicated vegetarians, was a meaningful episode in the history of Simpson. They would be conditioned that they can only come on the show as long as  Lisa would remain vegetarian. Groening and the showrunners agreed, in part because one of the creators, David Mirkin, recently had become a vegetarian himself.


The episode was a hit, receiving TRPs and admiration from the press. In act, the writer John Serbia of the Grand Rapids Press calling it his favorite episode owing to  the tale of Lisa’s conversion to vegetarianism has more humorous scenes per square inch than any other episode.”


This has become such a problem these days. The fact-checking website Snopes has introduced a section on Simpson to claim on what grounds Simpson predicted wrong. That has also aroused curiosity among the public lately.


It is acceptable that most of us find comfort and solace in a funny Simpson joke cum prediction that comes every time. As reviews confer, the incident is purely for the delight of the internet and there is no science behind the show. The show had vaguely appealed to both the coronavirus pandemic and the worry about ‘murder hornets’ coming to kill us all happening both at the same time.

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