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Hailey Bieber opens up about Body Shaming!

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber, the American model, shared her views about ‘body shaming.’ The model spoke up about the way shaming has affected her while she was gaining up the spotlight.

While she sat for an episode of ‘That was Fun’ with Addison Rae, the actress spoke, “Women go through so much with their bodies and I feel like people just don’t have any empathy with that. It’s really frustrating because people are so quick to point the finger and try to call somebody out about their own body and it’s like, well how do you know what is even going on in my body right now? Birth control is wild, periods are wild, what if I’m PMSing?”

Hailey clarified that her body is not ultra-modern, as the 24-year model is presenting herself as a professional model, since 2014. However, Hailey has now grown older and her body has modified a lot, the model also confirms that she faced even more criticism.

Hailey noted, “I’m not 19 anymore. I’m 24 now. I feel like my body has changed the most, even this last year. And that’s what happens. As you grow up and you become more of a woman, your body fills out in different ways. I think I have more hips now than I ever did when I was younger and I can just tell that my body has changed a lot and people are always being like, ‘Oh she put on a little bit of weight, looks good.'”

In addition, Hailey mentioned that her fans even claimed that she “gained a massive amount of weight.” A few of the photographs of Hailey Beiber sparked speculation about her pregnancy.

The model stated, “It can just really, really, really be bad for your body image. And I definitely can say that when I come across any comments that have to do with my body… it throws me really off, which is why I don’t look at comments. But obviously sometimes like our curiosity gets the best of us and it’s really hard. It’s just bad for your mental health.”

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