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Florida’s Covid-19 Updates!

Source: Miami Herald

Florida has reported new 5,645 new Covid cases and 67 fresh deaths on Tuesday. This data is all verified by the Florida’s Department of Health. Out of the total deaths, five were the residents. Basically, the state was recorded with the entirely known 2,178,783 covid-19 cases. In addition, the total number of deaths occurred are 35,209 deaths.

By Tuesday, more than 100,207 residents were tested for the covid-19 infection and the coronavirus positivity rate for Florida has decreased from 7.89% to 6.89%. Also, as per Tuesday’s vaccine report, more than five million Florida’s residents have successfully got their two-dose series of Pfizer-BioNTech, the Moderna or have completed Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine.

The Floridan Health care agency, disclosed that the patients hospitalized across the state are with the primary diagnosis of COVID. However, this data  is at least updated by an hour. Also, there is no distinguishing between the number of COVID-19 patients admitted in the hospital’s intensive care units. The one who are in acute-care beds can too be not distinguished, although this requires lesser attentions from the nurses. The Government officials of the state utilizes the current hospitalization to figure out the next steps to cope up with the pandemic.

The Miami-Dade County found new 1,346 cases and nine deaths. Thus, putting the total cases at 472,941 cases and 6,058 deaths. In addition, the Broward County reported the 568 new cases and further the eight deaths. Thus, the total cases reported are found to be 229,641 cases and 2,792 deaths.

Further, at Palm Beach County, 280 new cases and two deaths were reported. Thus, this brought the cumulative count to 139,479 cases and 2,725 deaths. Also, the Monroe County appended the five new cases and no deaths. Thus, the Pandemic totals are reported to be at 6,757 cases and 50 deaths.

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