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Earth’s Stratosphere shrinking due to greenhouse gas emission!

The recent research suggests that the stratosphere of the Earth is shrinking due to the emission of the greenhouse gas. Notably, this is happening at the shrinking rate of 328ft per decade. Thus, the experts warn that this could have devastating effects for satellite operations and navigation systems.

The experts say that this is happening since at least 1980. They believe that it may have started shrinking before this but earlier data is limited. The researchers predict that the stratosphere layer could shrink by another 3,200ft by 2080.

The shrinking of the stratosphere layer could be mainly due to the emission of greenĀ  house gases. Further, it could lead to the devastating effect on satellite operations and GPS, experts claim. A study conducted by Charles University in Prague found the region of the atmosphere from 12 to 40 miles above the Earth has been shrinking by 328ft per decade.

As per the current climate change predictions, the team also predicts that over the next 60 years, the upper part of the stratosphere could shrink by four at least percent.

Thus, this would take another 3,200ft from the top of the stratosphere. This is enough to put some satellites at risk due to less air friction for them to operate in.

Since 1980, the time this observation has started, the extension of the stratosphere layer was likely to be about 1,300ft. However, the team experts claim that this was likely shrinking before this.

This is because, before the 1980s, when Earth observing and high orbiting satellites were launched, there was not enough data from so high in the atmosphere.

According to the team, it is being clarified that behind the new discovery, if the disruption continues to occur. Then this deterioration could impact satellite trajectories and their measurements.

The rising emissions of greenhouse gases from human activity have already led to the warming of the troposphere, where humans live and weather happens




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