DVDs make a comeback to entertain senior citizens

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put lives on hold. Thanks to ArtHouse Jersey for coming up with a way to provide a fitting substitute for people to continue enjoying live events and entertainment – DVD.

The arts charity has taken steps to ensure keeping the public and senior citizens entertained by recording their shows and converting them to DVDs. It says, adopting these means helps to meet public health restrictions as well as keeps the mood going.

After a successful show of Cake and  Cabaret which focuses on music and dance performances at various Parish halls, the ArtHouse declared the continuity of the same for its upcoming shows as well.

Despite the coronavirus issues, the arthouse producers and staffs are working relentlessly in bringing the shows to the senior citizens and others who are unable to attend the live shows as they used to before the pandemic hit, says Tom Dingle, ArtHouse Jersey’s director.

Being one of the most-watched and enjoyed shows by the elderly, the conversion of live shows into DVDs of Cake and Cabaret is being appreciated by the people. The ArtHouse also has promised a line of improvements and the introduction of newer content to keep their viewers satisfied.

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