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Covid-19 infection can still kill people months later!

As per the recent study done, it is reported that the Covid-19 infection can lead to deaths even after months. This is to say, even after the coronavirus pandemic has itself turned a thing of the past, this will leave the people to the endured lockdowns and other social restrictions with major trauma. A few days back, one of the psychiatrists told Salon, “This will take generations to get past.” As per the reports, it can be clarified that people from all walks of life have suffered. This probably involves children, whose important early life milestones were disrupted. Further, the adults who were thrown out of work and millions of Americans have lost their loved ones due to the outbreak of this disease.

The latest study reveals that the long-term effects of COVID-19 involve more than the reverberation from how our society is changing day by day because of the pandemic. However, the emerging data shows that COVID-19 affects multiple organ systems. This clarifies that even months after getting sick, the ones who are infected from the infection are more likely to die than individuals who are not. Significantly, the people who are infected by the SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, are just likely to develop persistent health issues that will need long-term care after the pandemic has ended.

Ziyad Al-Aly, chief of the research and development service at the St. Louis VA Medical Center in Missouri and leader of the study told “I think the main finding here is that long COVID can affect nearly every organ system.” Further, he added, “that means it’s going to affect the brain through the brain fog and memory problems. It can result in stroke and it can affect the heart, causing acute heart failure, acute coronary disease. It can affect the liver. It can affect the kidneys. It can affect the clotting system and increases the risk of clotting, both in the legs and also the clots traveling into the lung.”

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