Common locations where burning sensation can happen in the body!

Any part of the body burning sensation can occur. A person might feel sharp, prickly pain or pins and needles. A person must consult a doctor and receive the correct treatment. The cause of the burning sensation can be understood by its location. For example, a feeling of burning in the muscles may be the result of an injury.

Common locations where burning sensation can happen –

Skin – Throughout the day, the skin comes into contact with a range of possible irritants. Burning sensation in the skin can be caused by sunburn, plants that sting or cause a rash, insect bites and stings, allergic reactions to many cosmetic products or soaps, very dry skin, eczema, nerve damage resulting from MS. An intense burning sensation on the skin could be due to Cellulitis, and it is a bacterial infection of the deepest layers of the skin. It can be treated with antibiotics.

During urination – While urinating, feeling pain or a burning sensation is often a symptom of urinary tract infection. This is common in women. Other symptoms include a strong, continual urge to urinate and fever. The urethra, kidneys, the bladder can be affected by these infections. Without treatment, the infection can spread to other areas of the body. They can be treated with antibiotics.

Muscles – While lifting weights or doing other strenuous exercises, some people may feel a burning sensation, and this is because of the metabolites buildup during intense exercise. When a person starts exercising more often or starts a new exercise may also feel this. There may be a delay in burning sensation and soreness. These symptoms go away after a few days and are usually mild. But if a person feels an intense burning sensation, it might indicate a muscle injury. 

Feet and hands – Burning sensation in the feet and hands may be due to skin issues. But a burning sensation in the fingers or toes could also be a symptom of nerve damage, known as peripheral neuropathy. Many people with diabetes can be affected by peripheral neuropathy. Burning sensation in hands and feet can occur due to Raynaud’s phenomenon. In this, the small arteries in these extremities spasm and close when they have exposure to the cold. As a result of this toes and fingers receive less blood.

Genitals – Skin irritation can cause a burning sensation on or around the genitals. Burning sensations in the genitals are often caused by infections, and they can also result from a wide range of STIs.

Throat and Mouth – Due to an infection called strep throat, a burning sensation can occur in the throat. A person affected with this may experience worsened pain when talking, and the area may feel raw and scratchy. A burning sensation in the throat can be caused by acid reflux, which tends to follow an acidic meal. Burning sensations in the mouth and gums are due to acidic food, vigorous tooth brushing, gum disease. The burning sensation can be caused by Canker soars. 

Treatment of burning sensation –

The cause of the burning will determine the treatment. Treatment will involve managing the symptoms when no cure exists. People should consult a doctor to find out which treatment works.


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