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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend respond to Michael Costello’s Bullying allegations!

A few days back, Michael Costello revealed that he was bullied by the popular American model, Chrissy Teigen. Micheal, in his statement, stated that he faced severe trauma and often thought of suicide.

On the other hand, the model has denied all these allegations, labeling them as ‘fake.’ Teigen, via her Twitter handle, termed that all these messages shared by the designer are not genuine.

Before her statement, one of the Insiders claimed that all these messages seem to be cooked. Michael, to prove the allegations, exhibited all the communications he has with Chrissy. Meanwhile, the model has strictly denied accepting that she owes them. She clarified that all these DMs are very well manipulated using the technical features of the Instagram visuals.

Chrissy stated, “No idea what the f— michael costello is doing. He just released a statement where he didn’t at ALL acknowledge how fake the dm’s were, & now claims to have emails that don’t exist.” A source said, “Chrissy is completely surprised and disappointed by Michael Costello’s recent attack, which includes fictional ‘screenshots’ from 2014 of supposed private messages that Chrissy did not send.”

In 2014, the model left a comment on Michael’s Instagram account after getting was ‘accused of making some racist statement.’ However, later on, the model deleted it after the designer denied such an accusation. On the other hand, as reported that both Teigen and Micheal have been maintaining a ‘cordial relationship’ online ‘for several years.’

The model has clarified that there are few noticeable irregularities in the screenshots the designer has shared. These include account misspells, modified Instagram features, and a changed color scheme. The statement noted, “Chrissy has acknowledged her past behavior and the pain she has caused, but she will not stand for anyone spreading false accusations to further demean her name and reputation.”

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