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Amazon launches new feature of Halo fitness tracker!

Source: The Verge

Amazon has launched a new feature for its Halo fitness tracker. As a result, the tracker has turned into a virtual personal trainer.

Movement Health is analyzing the basic physical motion and is going to suggest ways to improve AI is used for the tracker. Most importantly, the tracker has a purpose to serve, which is to help build functional strength so that one doesn’t back out or get any kind of pain while working.

The working of Amazon Halo Fitness Tracker is quite impressive. The app leads the users through a series of basic movements. The computer vision and machine learning technologies of the app check one’s stability, mobility, and posture.

When the assessment is done, the app gives specific details about where a person needs to work plus score them out of 100. Additonally, the app will also provide breakdown of data which will cover various areas of fitness such as one’s core, shoulders, hips, and Lower Body. And the best part is, this whole process takes only about 10 minutes.

Based on the issues detected, the app guides you and suggests what to do and how to do it. Along with all this, the tracker give reports and mark the progress of an individual. To ensure the exercise is performed correctly, one will get spoken guidance from a physiotherapist and professional coach.

Rather than counting steps and monitoring pulse, Halo Fitness tracker tracks well-being in more novel ways. For instance, it monitors the tone of voice for signs of strain or stress, changes in heart rate of the user, and checks conductivity of the skin to detect stress levels in the case of the Fitbit Sense.

Halo also monitors vocal tone and word selection throughout the day for detection of energy and positivity. After that, it is up to the user what they want to do with the information. Certainly, it can help one get a better understanding of how mood changes and which factors might affect it.

Another unique feature offered is the Body analysis. It requires the user to take four images of self in tight clothing. This data is used to calculate body fat percentage and creates a 3D model for one to see their own physique from all angles.

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