Amazon Game Studios Orange Country’s “New World” is CONFIRMED

Are you a fan of Supernatural theme games? If yes, then you are in the right place. New World is a game that is going to make entry into the gaming world soon. This game is a multiplayer online videogame. Amazon Game Studios Orange Country are the developers of this game, and Amazon Game Studios are the publishers. The platform for this new launch is Microsoft Windows. This game is available in one mode that is the multiplayer mode. The game is not free of cost to play. There will be a one-time purchase option available, and this game will not charge any subscription fees. This game is going to be Amazon’s first big PC game. The expectations of all the alpha players are quite high. Let’s see what it has in store for us.

This game has some fantastic features and content. This news is excellent news for all the alpha players out there. This game is going to be the role-playing game, and that is what makes it unique from other games. This game will introduce the feature expressions. Players will be able to level and explore this new launch. The makers have done a lot of work with the bugs and the unique design of this game.

This game will have a magnificent display where the players will colonize a land situated in the Atlantic ocean.

Release Date: “New World”

The alpha players are eagerly waiting for the release of the New World. There were the announcements of many release dates. Initially, it was August 2020, but according to the latest reports, it will release in the 2021 springs. 

Gameplay: “New World”

This game is all about fighting monsters, leveling up, and finding new weapons. The players will have the option to explore the territories, occupying them, and many more. The players can even buy a house. The background of this game will have an ancient land. Ancient civilization has left the property behind. This game will have creatures with some magical powers to fight against the enemies.

As this game is a multiplayer game, the players can team up and fight against the opposite team players. The players can collect various weapons and ammunition after the other losses in the game. The player who dies in the game, the same player, will also lose all its guns and ammunition to the other player.

The players will recruit the army of 50 players. Each command will fight against the other one. Battle will begin these armies, and the players will have to attack the opponents. In this way, the players will be able to capture the fort and the control points.

When one army of the players wins the game, they can take control of the territory. This team will rebuild the land again, as it will ruin during the battle. The weapons such as swords, spears, hatches, rifles, and bows will be available. 

This game is such a magic that the players will get deeply involved in the territory control process. The above information was the gist of the gameplay of the New World. Let’s see what more it has in store for us.

Trailer: “New World”

The trailer of the new MMO is full of thrill and adventure. It is eye-catching, and it is proof that the game is going to be very addictive for many players out there, especially the alpha players. Click to the link below to watch the trailer of the New World.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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